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Frequently ask Questions / terms and conditions

Should I Decorate My Room First?

Yes, we highly recommend decorating the room before scheduling our services. Repairing walls or painting can inadvertently cause damage to the floor if adequate protection is not in place. Any subsequent damage to the floor due to decorating could result in additional costs for repairs.

While we understand that plans might not always align perfectly, we strongly advise taking precautions to safeguard the floor. It's essential to adequately cover and protect the floor with waterproof covering. Please note that standard dust sheets may not be sufficient to prevent paint or other materials from seeping through and potentially causing damage.

Will there be any dust?

We take dust very seriously to protect your belongings and our own health as well. Therefore, we use only the best dust extractors for our sanding machines, and they capture up to 95 percent of the dust that is thrown up into the air. Thanks to this, the good news is that we do not need to wear masks for protection. The remaining 5 percent of the dust becomes visible when the bags are changed, which is done outside for safety reasons.

Filling Gaps in Your Floor

For parquet block flooring, we employ a resin mixed with your dust and evenly apply it across your floor, effectively filling in all gaps. Depending on the severity of the gaps, we may need to fill them up to three times.

In the case of pine floorboards, gaps can be filled using either wooden slithers or silicon.

However, it's important to note that gap filling does not come with a warranty, as your floor will naturally experience movement, expansion, and contraction over time. These changes can occur even within a single day or extend over a decade, contingent on the level of moisture circulating throughout your home.

Do We Need to Remove the Skirting Boards?

Our edging machine is capable of sanding your floor very closely to the skirting boards, causing minimal to no damage. Therefore, it is not essential to remove the skirting boards in order to have your floor sanded by us.

Nevertheless, if you intend to replace the skirting boards, we suggest removing them prior to the commencement of the floor sanding process. This approach ensures the best possible results for your floor refinishing project.

What Do We Need to Do Before Your Arrival?

Prior to our arrival, we kindly request that the room be completely cleared of all furniture resting on the floor. This requirement extends to internet boxes and cables as well. Please note that we are unable to shift items from one side of the room to the other during the sanding and sealing process. We appreciate your understanding in considering this when making your booking.

In situations where cables or internet boxes cannot be relocated, we advise using tape to affix them to the wall or utilizing a carrier bag suspended from a hook or window handle. The objective is to keep these items off the floor to ensure that our meticulous standards for finishing are upheld. This proactive measure ensures the floor meets our standards of perfection.

Warranty ?

We provide a comprehensive one-year warranty for a complete resand and seal following the completion of our work. This warranty is applicable solely in the event that our product has worn away. However, please note that any damage caused by the customer will not be covered under this warranty. Examples of such customer-induced damage include harm caused by furniture, the use of incorrect cleaning chemicals on the floor, instances of animal urine, or spills of any chemicals that may result in staining the floor.

Loose block Parquet?

With Parquet block flooring we always quote for a few blocks to be glue back down as most jobs have a few loose. This is because of your floor being glued down with bitumen, this product can either reactivate when there is a hot sunny day or can become brittle over time, in both cases your flooring can become loose, once we have finished restoring your floor if there is any loose blocks that come about after, we hold no responsibility for this, as this is natural for a old floor.

Any question just ask a member of staff.

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