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Parquet Flooring.

Parquet Flooring can Be Many different woods, Just a few are below with there before and after pictures. Please see our instagram or Picture page for more.

Parquet flooring
parquet flooring
Parquet flooring Cardiff
Floor sanding in south Wales

Liba wood.

This parquet block flooring like many we see today was berried under a carpet and hidden from life for many years. 

With a few hours of hard skilled work we where able to bring this back to life.

Parquet flooring Newport
pine parquet restoring in Southwales
Parquet Flooring
parquet flooring

Pine Parquet block flooring

Theres a few common pine floors out there. all of them can look amazing again once sanded and recoated.  Pitch pine can be a pinky colour where as yellow pine is lighter. there also Douglas fir pine with has no knots in the grain.

parquet floor sanding near Cardiff
floor sanding near Newport

Oak Parquet 

This lovely oak parquet flooring had a little water damage in the corner and just needed some TLC. The old product had toned a little darker over time and so the floor looked a little worn down

We sanded the floor back to its original form and coated with a clear Lacquer,

the floor is now fresh and clean giving this room a new look.

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