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Pine Floorboards

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Pine Floorboards in Newport

Clear Lacquer.

Water-based lacquer is a type of finish used to protect and enhance the appearance of wood or other materials. Unlike traditional solvent-based lacquers, water-based lacquers use water as the primary solvent instead of harsh chemicals.

Pine Floorboards can be different tones of colour based on their age and usage. With a little magic we can transform your floorboards to a fresh clean look, we can go a little lighter or a little darker.  

Pine Floorboards in Cardiff.

White pigmented Lacquer

White pigmented Lacquer tones out the orange in the natural pine giving the floor a more Scandinavian look.


Pine Floorboards Bristol

Amerizer water base Lacquer.

Water-based lacquers typically contain a blend of resins, pigments, and other additives that provide excellent adhesion, durability, and clarity. They are also easy to apply, clean up with soap and water, and emit fewer harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds) than solvent-based lacquers.

Like what you see here, we are only a call or email away, we can help answer any questions you have and are more than happy to provide a free quote.

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