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5 finger Parquet flooring
parquet flooring repairs

We Repair Parquet Floorinng

Here is a 5 finger parquet flooring, customer lifted the carpet and found that in the past some repairs had been done with cement.  We lifted the cement up and replaced with the same wood repairing the pattern as if it had never happened.

We Lay Parquet Flooring new and old.

This job had a wall removed to make both rooms in to one and wanted the floor to flow through so the floor was lifted and relayed to the same pattern, we mist a little so that the kitchen island can be in the middle. Once the floor was laid the floor was sanded, filled and sealed,  hopefully we will have a up-to-date picture once the kitchen is installed.

floor restoration
laying new floor
setting up for new floor

We repair missing hearths Parquet Flooring.

On this job the hearth was removed, we lifted some of the old flooring and relayed the pattern with some reclaimed blocks.

After sanding and sealing the floor the finish result is amazing.

hearth repair
hearth repair
hearth repair

We replace Floorboards.

This job was definitely, watch where you walk type of day, but have no fear once we started the repairs the floorboards become a floor and after sanding and sealing the floorboards they became a worm and smooth surface making this house a home.

floorboard repairs
floorboard repairs
footboard repairs
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