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Parquet block flooring is a number of small pieces of wood laid down in any pattern that your imagination can think of Most common patterns that you may of herd of Herringbone, double Herringbone, Brick pattern Basket weave. 

Pine Floorboards typically used in all house to lay flooring on top, but when sanded and sealed can look amazing them selves.

The oak boards are cut from a single piece of wood and have a tongue and groove design that allows them to be tightly fitted together. Solid oak flooring is a durable and long-lasting option that can be sanded and refinished multiple times, and is known for its natural beauty and character.

Wood staining is the process of applying a pigmented liquid to wood surfaces to change or enhance its color. The stain penetrates the wood fibers, creating a rich, deep color that can range from light to dark shades depending on the type of stain used.

We are dust free sanding.

We use industrial dust control hoovers with all our machines so that we as well as your home are safe from any dust.
certified floor sander south Wales
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